Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Wireshark to Work in Windows 8

I came across very handy fix for Wireshark in Windows 8 was posted today by user thejoefish. "For those of you out there experimenting with Windows 8, you were probably upset by the fact that Winpcap won't run. If you do an upgrade from a Win7 box to a Win8 it warns you, and Server 8 just refuses to list any capture interfaces. It turns out the issue is with the installer only and not NDIS 6.2 or something. Install wireshark but don't run the winpcap installer. Then download Winpcap for x64 separately. Go to the binary, right click and choose compatibility mode. Run it in mode for Win 7 and as administrator. It installs and run without issue. It will even capture on the new Windows Server 8 built in teaming just fine." Very handy stuff for those moving to Windows 8.

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  1. I am a Chinese. Your words give me a lot of help. Thank you very much.