Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ConnectWise bug: Inactive contact checkbox unchecks itself on save

Edit: According to support, ConnectWise is aware of this and will be rolling out a fix in version 2013.1. Until then, see Holly's workaround in the comments.

The Scenario

In ConnectWise, you want to inactivate a contact. This contact has at least one ticket associated with it.

The Bug

  1. You check the checkbox that says "Inactive".
  2. Immediately you get a popup asking if you want to reassign the tickets to a new user, you decide not to and just click the Update button.
  3. Immediately you are back at the Contact screen and you should see the problem. The inactive checkbox has been unchecked!

  4. Now here is the part that is even more confusing. Even though this checkbox is unchecked, the contact has actually been inactivated and saved. This is a problem because if you simply surf away from this screen without clicking the save button, then everything works very well, but, in the event that you make the mistake of hitting the save button, then the contact magically becomes active again.

The Fix

This should be a very simple fix for ConnectWise to resolve. All they need to do is ensure that the checkbox remains checked after the ticket reassignment popup is presented. For all I know this may have been fixed already. I am on ConnectWise version 20.12.1 (13220).